About Us

We are the NMU SAE Baja Racing Team, based out of the Jacobetti Complex. Baja SAE is a national business and engineering competition that enables students to design, fabricate, and race small, single-seater Baja cars against other school Baja teams, both regionally and nationally. In addition to the design and racing aspects of the competition, there is also a business presentation that looks at things like sales, marketing, and financials. While many of our active team members are a part of the Engineering Technology department, we also have members from a variety of other majors who can put their skills to use for the benefit of the team. Our engineering majors design and build the car, our art and design majors create team promotional material, and our business majors handle the team's budget and marketing.

Member Benefits

As a team member, you will have the opportunity to expand upon your classroom learning in an open shop with other students who share the same interests. We have the opportunity to learn from each other and get hands-on experience that simply isn't possible in the classroom.