Mon, Sep 11, 2023 8:00 AM –

Mon, Sep 18, 2023 9:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Homecoming Scavenger Hunt Details

Participate in our new homecoming event on your own time. Find different locations throughout Marquette by following hints (to be announced below* and on Instagram @nmu_specialevents). Each location will have a QR code which can be scanned via the hub. The first five people to visit and scan in to all locations will win a homecoming prize pack. Each location also has a pick one point attatched, so even if you don't win a homecoming prize pack you still have the opportunity to get involved and win prizes!

Rules/Important Notes

  • You must scan into a QR code (if you think you've found a location and the QR code isn't there please DM or email Special Events and take a picture to show at the Center for Student Enrichment office for potential points)
  • Some locations are on campus and some are off campus (these are noted in the hints). However, all locations are in Marquette. 
  • Be respectful of property! All QR codes will be easily accessible at the locations (they won't be hidden on a tree in the woods). 
  • We will contact you if you are one of the five people to receive a homecoming prize pack!

Thank you for participating -- go with friends, and have fun exploring! 


Some locations are on campus and some locations are around Marquette, each hint corresponds to a different location—scan the QR code at each location!

On Campus:

  • Hint: In bronze near campus center, is our school’s brave defender.
  • Hint: Had a bite to eat and looking for a place to walk? This signage can lead the way. 
  • Hint: Dark brown hair, crown of bone, I find my home inside the world’s largest wooden dome.

Off Campus:

  • Hint: This spot can be a lifesaver after taking a jump off of a popular Marquette location.
  • Hint: This structure acts as a big red flashlight to guide ships through the night
  • Hint: Boats pass by on the way to the dock past this beach not quite by black rocks (also the location for a northern homecoming tradition)
  • Hint: Watch a sunset from this popular spot over by some igneous rocks
  • Hint: Looking to play near the marina today? A castle isn’t far away

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