Native American Student Association (NASA)

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Bazile Panek Undergraduate Student President
Boozhoo! Hello! Minogiizhigaabo nindizhinikaaz. Miskwaabekong nindoonjibaa. Migizi nindoodem. My name is Bazile Panek. I am from the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. I'm studying Native American Studies, with minors in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. I have served as the President of the Native American Student Association for the past two years. My goal is to create a better campus community for Indigenous students and allies of Indigenous people.
Profile Photo Amber Morseau Undergraduate Student Advisor
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Katarina Rothhorn Undergraduate Student Secretary
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Yrsala Peterson Undergraduate Student Vice President & Treasurer
Boozhoo! Anwatin nindizhinikaaz. Gaawaabaabiganikaag nindoonjibaa. Makwa nindoodem. Hello! My name is Yrsala Peterson. My family is from White Earth, but I am from Cornucopia, WI. I am a senior here at NMU, and will graduate in Fall 2021 with a Bachelor's in Music Education. I hope to complete a doctorate in ethnomusicology, or the study of cultural music. I have been the secretary for NASA for this year and last and recently was elected treasurer as well. I do a lot of work behind the scenes to keep NASA going. Miigwech, gakina!
Profile Photo Sophia Panek Undergraduate Student Social Media Manager & Historian
Boozhoo gakina awiiya! Animikiimiikanikwe n’dizhnikaaz. Miskwaabekong n’doonjiba. Migizi indoodem. Hello everyone! My name is Sophia Panek. I am from the Red Cliff Reservation. I am a freshman here at NMU and am studying Native American Studies. I am the Social Media Manager/Historian of the Native American Student Association.
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Justin Van't Hof Undergraduate Student Membership Coordinator
My name is Justin Van’t Hof and I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am currently a junior studying multimedia journalism and also the editor-in-chief for NMU’s The North Wind. I hope to use my degree to write stories highlighting Indigenous and nationwide activism and draw attention to these issues. Being a non-native student, my role in NASA has been to support and act as an ally for the group’s initiatives focused on Indigenous art, history, and culture. I have been an active member this academic year and I was recently elected as the secretary and membership coordinator for NASA. Through my work in these roles, I will help behind the scenes with event planning and engagement. I am looking forward to this opportunity and can’t wait to see all of you at the awesome events we have planned!